HumanRightsConsulting Vienna

Anton Lorenz


Personal Data:

born 1967 in Linz

Academic Career:

study at University for Economics in Vienna

Professional Career:

  • self emplyed in IT-industry; Project Management of IT-projects
  • civil service with Amnesty International Austria
  • Member of the Finance Control Comittee of Amnesty International (2003-2009)
  • Consultant, trainer and managing director of Primas CONSULTING GmbH
  • Lecturer at the Vienna University for Technology and at the Universities for applied science in Wiener Neustadt, Burgenland, Krems, FH Wien
  • president of Amnesty International Austria
  • Focus:

  • Due to the function as a president of Amnesty International Austria Anton Lorenz is on unpaid leave of absence at HumanRightsConsulting Vienna.
  • Professional Human Rights Work:

  • BAWAG P.S.K.: consultancy on Human Rights
  • Contact: